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Online Job Assignments

We use WST Event Schedule for job assignments.  You must work all your required jobs. If you are not available, you are responsible for finding a job substitute, paying them, and notify the Job Coordinator of the substitution. 

Job Sign-up Timeline and Policy for 2022

Please review the job requirements closely.  Jobs will open when registration opens and you MUST sign up for your jobs before April 30th.  If you do not sign up, your child will not be able to swim in Time Trials.  If you miss a job, you child will not be able to swim in a meet until the $100 job penalty is paid via the WST Merchandise Store.

Here is a link to sign up:

(There is a limit of 1 Set Up or Take Down and 2 Social Job.)

Kermit Families will sign up when they officially transfer to swim team. However, if you are a Kermit Family and you know for sure you will join swim, please go ahead and sign up for jobs now.

ALL families need to do 3 Invitational jobs (2 invitational jobs and 1 set-up/take down). This is our biggest fundraiser and requires the whole team working. If someone is out of town there are a small handful of jobs that can be done prior or post event that helps us out! Or other jobs that can be done at the end of the season such as cabana clean up, kitchen clean up, etc. If you have questions regarding Invitational please email Invitational Director Kevin Honey or Assistant Directors Leanne Owen and Heather Salter.

ALL families need to do 1 conference job. We need everyone to help with conference this includes all Board Members, Chairs Positions, 15-18 parents, MUST work a conference job.

Missing or Job No Shows.  It is very important that you show up for your assigned jobs (or obtain a sub in advance) as this creates chaos during a swim meet. We need everyone's help to ensure a meet runs smoothly. 

If you do not show up for your assigned job (and have not secured a sub), you will be invoiced $100 and your swimmer(s) will not be able to swim in a meet until this fee is paid. 

Job Subs: Please remember that if you sign up for a job and are unable to complete it, it is YOUR responsibility to find a sub. You must then notify the job coordinators of your sub. 

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Job Assignments for Swim Meets

When they say "It takes a village..." they must have been talking about swim meets! Fun and full of friendly competition, a successful swim meet requires the help of parent workers

There are several different types of job options. Some require certifications and training and others are straight-forward and do not require any certifications. You'll be sure to find a job that will suit your family best.

Because Woodlands Swim Team is run 100% on parent workers, it is a requirement that all families meet the minimum jobs! We have both home meet assignments and away meet assignments that need to be filled. In addition, we have social events that also need parent help! And last but certainly not least is our Woodlands Invitational, which is our swim team's biggest fundraiser. Each family is required to work job assignments for this superb meet. Please see the Woodlands Invitational section for description of Invitational jobs and requirements.

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Job Assignment Types

 Certified Postions:

CCSL certified stroke and turn judge: Training is required for those interested in becoming a stroke & turn judge. The CCSL will determine the training schedule. 

As a stroke & turn judge, you will determine if swimmers are following the rules for each stroke, frequently referred to as “DQ” or disqualification.

This is a great position for those with previous swimming experience, seasoned swim team veterans, or those new to swimming and eager to learn the "stroke rules" quickly!

Non-Certified Positions:

The following positions are open to all. Many positions, with the exception of computer desk, starter, announcer, and stroke & turn judges can be learned “on-the-job” or with brief instruction.  

Computer Desk: Responsible for the inputting and managing meet entries for both home and away meets, including running and scoring the home meets. Assists in organizing deck sheets and DQ slips for computer team.

Announcer: The announcer announces the upcoming events.  

Round-up: We are looking for 4 Round Up leaders who will work 5 meets each (2 home and 3 away), and then will also have a volunteer at each meet, so 3 workers total. The job duties are helping to supervise and coordinate swimmers 8 and under to get to the swim blocks.  Swimmers are required to show up in round-up area prior to race.  This must be done by an 8 & under swim family/parent.

Timers: Time the swimmers during events.

Set-Up: Sets up the pool prior to meet, including: setting up chairs, tables, tents, lane ropes,  flags, and helping to bring food from the kitchen to the grille area. 

Take down: Puts everything away after the meet and general clean-up of grounds.

Snack Shack: Responsible for the set-up and take-down of the snack shack area, as well as selling food during the meet.

Grillmaster:  Grilling necessary items for the snack shack and clean up when completed.

Runner: Obtains the slips from the timers and takes them to the desks as well as obtains the DQ slips for the computer team. 

Relief Worker: Will fill in if someone does not show up for a job. Is responsible for filling in for timers in case of water or bathroom break. Need to check in with them every 30 min. Assist directors with anything needed during the meet. 

What do I do if I have small children?

We encourage parents with younger children to sign up for set-up, take down, and snow cones. This allows the parent to be around for their children while volunteering for the swim team. 

Alternatively, you can pay a substitute which is the same as paying a sitter and then you can focus on your children. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a job?

After you have logged into your SwimTopia Account, go to Calendar - Events list. You will see Job Sign Up Status as Open or Closed. Closed Job Status means this job list is full. For any open job, select the event, select the Parent name signing up for job Select open job

How do I remember what jobs I have signed up for?

You can login into Swimtopia and select "My Account" then click on your name and it should show all the jobs you signed up for.  If both parents signed up for a job, you need to select their name also. 

Is there a substitute list of people I can call in case I am not able to do a job I signed up for?

Yes, there is the list of people who can fill in for you and do your job. You are responsible for contacting, paying, and making sure that substitute shows up for your job. The fee is $40, and you also need to make sure to alert the job coordinator of who the substitute will be.

Job Coordinator: [email protected]

Click here for the substitute list.

We've just booked a vacation, I'm sick and can't make it. How can I switch my jobs?  Who do I notify?

It is your responsibility to find a replacement. See the sub list.  If you miss your job, you will be invoiced $100 and your swimmer(s) will not be able to swim until this fee is paid. Please email the job coordinator ([email protected]) as soon as you know you will NOT be able to attend.

How do I check in for my job on the day of the meet?

The jobs coordinator will be sitting near the round up tent at both home and away meets. They will then direct you to where your chairperson is located so you can begin.

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