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2022 Buddy Events

Below is a list of Buddy Events for 2022!! A printable version is coming soon.

June 14 (Tuesday) at 11:30

Meet your buddy at the pool for lunch and an otter pop. Bring your own lunch. Otter pops will be provided. This will be right after pictures.

*Please email [email protected] if you are not able to make it.

June 15 (Wed) - Rest at WST - “GOOOOO WOODLANDS”

Find your buddy before the meet. Figure out what events they are swimming. Cheer for them during their events.

June 18 (Sat) - Dana Hills at WST - “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”

Create an encouraging note/sign for your buddy and bring it to the meet.

June 22 (Wed) - Dance Night - “Let’s Boggie”

Bust a move on the dance floor with your buddy at the Coaches’ Dance.

June 25 and 26 (Sat and Sun) - Walnut Creek City Meet

Any gift you want- max $5 for the weekend

June 29 (Wed) - WST at Diablo Country Club - “Secret Handshake”

Make up a secret hand shake with your buddy at the meet.

July 6 (Wed) - Dewing Park at WST - “Fuel up”

Bring your favorite drink and fuel up with your buddy during the meet

July 13 (Wed) - WST at IVST- “Let’s Create and Celebrate.”

Find your buddy and color a picture with them. Make sure to cheer them on during the meet and celebrate their race.

July 16 (Sat) Larkey at WST “Pop Your Time”

Decorate a card to encourage your buddy to “pop” their time and add popcorn OR pop rocks for extra fun.

July 23 and 24 (Sat and Sun) - Conference Meet

Any gift you want- max $5 for the weekend

To buy/do:

  • 6/18: Bring an encouraging note/sign
  • 6/25-$5 gift
  • 7/13:Bring crayons and paper to color
  • 7/16: Bring a card with popcorn or poprocks
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Buddy Program

Swimmers from different age groups are paired as "Buddies" for the season. Buddies can cheer each other on at meets, give moral support, and make each other cards, or even just hang out at meets! Buddies usually exchange team-spirit gifts for bigger swimmer meets. This is an optional activity, but a great way to know your teammates. 

If you have any questions please email our social chairs at [email protected]


Cheer your Buddy on at their race! - Watch your Buddy swim and give them high five, smile or hug after a race!

Inspire your Buddy to swim fast or meet a goal! Write a note, card, or sign to psych them up for the race!

Congratulate your Buddy on how great they swam! Or just hang out with your Buddy!

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