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Most Frequently Asked Questions from New Families

What is the Woodlands Swim Team and how is it different from other neighborhood teams?

Woodlands Swim Team was established in 1962 and it has been going strong ever since. Woodlands is a family friendly recreational swim team that is well known in the community. Woodlands team home pool is the Woodlands Cabana Club, the largest neighborhood pool (2 pools and a toddler pool) in Walnut Creek. Woodlands Swim Team is part of the Walnut Creek league. Over the summer there are various social opportunities for the adults and swimmers to help make it such a memorable summer experience. Woodlands has a great reputation and is very family friendly!

How do I know if my child should do the Kermit program or is ready for Woodlands Swim Team?

During Kermit Evaluations you can have your child's skills (ages 4- 8) evaluated to determine if they will first go to the Kermit program or go right to the Woodlands Swim Team. During the  Kermit program it will be determined if your child is ready for swim team.

If your child was already on swim team last year, they do not need to be evaluated again. 

If we are doing the Kermit Program or the Woodlands Swim Team then do we join the Cabana Club?

Yes, to participate in either program you have to join the Cabana Club. It is a typical requirement for swim team families to join their swim club. If your child is on the swim team you will be spending a lot of time relaxing and enjoying the Cabana Club. You can join the Cabana Club without joining Woodlands Swim Team.

If we sign up for Woodlands Swim Team, can I go on vacation during the season?

Yes, we all need to get away to relax. This is a recreational league so it is fine to take vacations. You will need to sign your child out of the meet on the website by the deadline.

What is the typical schedule for swim team?

Please check the detailed calendar/schedule for swim meets and here for the practice schedule.  After Spring Break there will be after school practice times every day. These are encouraged, but not required to attend every practice.  

Starting the first week of summer, practice times will change to the mornings. Schedule times are based on age ranges. These practices are daily and they are strongly encouraged to help with consistency.

Swim meets are typically Wednesday evenings and Saturdays until about 1 P.M.  and start the end of May with Time Trials and the first meet is early June.

What is the typical commitment for families? How many jobs do we do for the entire season?

Swim teams are great because of all the family volunteers. It is an amazing community! A lot goes into putting on a swim meet so job requirements are part of the program. Full job descriptions are on the website. If you are in a pinch there are also opportunities to utilize a substitute for your job for a set fee.

What is the temperature of the pool(s)?

The 2 big pools are in the high 70s to low 80s. The pools are tarped every night and well maintained.

What swim gear is needed for practice and meets?

The Kermit program: All swimmers need goggles and a one piece bathing suit. Boys should wear a speedo or jammers, no board shorts. Swim caps are needed if your child has long hair. Every child should have sunscreen and a towel. Sweatshirts and warm clothes are helpful to have for when they get out of the pool. 

Swim team: Woodlands Swim Team suits can be fitted and purchased at Making Waves.  Swimmers wear goggles and a cap. Each child brings sunscreen, towel, change of clothes, and water bottles to practice.  

What are the prices of the different programs?

The Kermit Program is a swim team readiness program and prices can be found here and a Cabana Club membership is required.  The cabana club also offers lessons for those who are not interested in swim team starting in June. 

Swim team has separate swim team fees found here and Cabana Club dues, and a team suit. 

Cabana Club for swim team and Kermits Pal's families Please visit the membership page for prices and more information. The benefits of joining the fabulous Cabana Club include: a fun neighborhood to hang out at during the summer, opportunities to BBQ and picnic, discounted swim lessons through Woodlands Swim School, aqua aerobics and festive events such as July 4th BBQ.

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